Sweets that initiate togetherness

Making occasions even more auspicious with our special sweets and desserts.


Surrender to India's sweetest stories

We are intrinsically Indian and proudly local.

Mindfully crafted to honour favourites from every generation, community and neighbourhood across the nation. Our menu celebrates bygone favourites, homely kheers, milk sweets, halva and a wide array of beloved flavours.

Come discover our vibrant country’s sweetest stories.

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Festival Special
Festival Special

Our menu celebrates bygone favourites, homely kheers, milk sweets, halvas and a wide array of beloved flavours.

All our milk, ghee, khova is produced and harvested at our very own certified organic farm, untouched by hand (automated machines) ensuring hygiene. We never add preservatives or chemicals to our products.

Our sweets and savouries honour the classic ingredients and homegrown Indian dessert recipes. We bring India’s vibrant and loved traditional flavours from farm to festivities.

We are on a mission to rediscover, revive and bring every sweet treat, every revered traditional and bygone dessert from India’s incredible expanse to you.

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Sweet treats and masala savouries for happy get-togethers, chai time and joyous celebrations.


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Rekindling the Sweet Tooth

I was visiting India and wanted to distribute authentic sweets and namkeens to my elders while running errands. India Sweets made my day, it not only delivered items to my home in Kerala but also brought smiles to my elders’ faces. Rest of the boxes traveled all the way with me. My family and I relish it everyday. I had a wonderful and blessed trip.

Love the wide range of options!

Go to place for sweets and desserts, be it for gifting or regular eating. One cannot decide from the range they serve. Motichoor are my personal favourites. Savories and chaats are also delicious.

Best Quality Product!

I received the best quality sweets from India Sweet House. My relatives enjoyed the sweets and undoubtedly I will buy again.

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You'll get to see skilled candy makers in action, from mixing
ingredients to packaging the finished product. The factory is sure
to be filled with the sweet aroma of freshly made confections.